Mega Ten Refills for Baby Sonic Toothbrush Soft 2P

Mega Ten Refills for Baby Sonic Toothbrush Soft 2P

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  1. Bristle fineness: 0.07mm; Brush head diameter: 13.7mm.
  2. No. of bristle layer: 6
  3. Use on MEGA TEN Sonic Toothbrush.
  4. Replace a new toothbrush head every 2-3 months or when bristles become frayed or discolored.
  5. Suitable for 12-36 months old.
How to replace a Mega Ten refill

How to replace a MEGA TEN refill brush head?

  1. Unlock the brush head by turning it counter clockwise, and remove it from the handle.
  2. Replace it with a new brush head. Turn it clockwise until it is locked into place.

When to get a new toothbrush?
Regularly replace toothbrushes every 2-3 months. If you or your child falls ill, consider replacing the toothbrush even sooner. Bristles that appear frayed won't clean teeth effectively, so it's essential to maintain a fresh toothbrush for optimal oral hygiene.


Ensure children use the product under adult supervision. The toothbrush is not intended as a teether. Excessive chewing may damage the washer rings and cause bristles to break off.