1.)How do you brush your teeth with Mega Ten and LUX360 toothbrush?

Ans: Similar to how you brush teeth with unidirectional toothbrushes.  First, brush the front of your teeth back and forth in short strokes.  Then, brush the back of your teeth by tilting the brush vertically and making up-and-down strokes.  Clinical trials from Dongook University’s Preventive Dentistry Department show that the cleaning power is two times higher than unidirectional toothbrushes.  You can also use Mega Ten or LUX360 toothbrush to clean your tongue.  The bacterial removal power of the brush is two times higher than using a unidirectional toothbrush.

2.)Is 360-degree toothbrush safe?

Ans: Yes, it is certified by USA’s FDA, KATRI and Korea SGS.

Hazardous substances, such as heavy metals (lead, mercury, cadmium, etc.) and BPA, are below the detection limit.

3.)How much toothpaste should you use?

Ans: You can use an amount equivalent to half of your pinky’s nail. 

4.)Can you clean the toothbrush with baby bottle cleaning liquid?

Ans: It is recommended to wash with only water and let it air-dry.

5.)Should you strictly follow the age limit for the Steps of toothbrushes for children?

Ans: Instead of strictly following the age limit, you should look at the growth and development of your child’s teeth.  The Step 2 toothbrush is for preschool children who do not yet have their permanent teeth, while the Step 3 toothbrush is for growing children who are getting their permanent teeth.

6.)Your child’s teeth are coming out.  Is it time to use a toothbrush?

Ans: You can use the Step 1 toothbrush before molar teeth appear.  By using Step 1 toothbrush, you can clean the teeth, gums, palate and tongue.

7.)You baby’s second birthday has just passed, but the big molars have not appeared yet.  Which Step should you use?

Ans: At 2 years, Step 2 toothbrushes should be used.

8.)Your baby has had molar teeth for 18 months.  Is it time to use the Step 2 toothbrush?

Ans: We recommend using LUX360 Step 1 Baby toothbrush products.

9.)Can you use Step 1 toothbrush after 24 months?

Ans: Yes, Step 1 can also be used for children aged over 24 months.  But we recommend Step 2.

10.)You baby’s molars are on the way.  Should you start using Step 2 toothbrushes?

Ans: Step 1 toothbrushes are used from 4 to 24 months of age even when molars are about to come out.

11.)Can you use the toothbrush on you dog?

Ans: Although you can use it, it is recommended to use the LUXPET Line Toothbrushes.

12.)What sonic toothbrush should I use?

Ans: 3 years – 12 years old: Mega Ten kid sonic.

13 years old and up: Mega Ten LUMI, Mega Ten Dorothy.

13.)Do the refills have an age limit?

Ans: The kid refills head (Yellow ring) is available for 36 months to 12 years old kid.

14.)Do you have to strictly follow the age limit for sonic toothbrushes?

Ans: The Mega Ten kids Sonic toothbrush is an electric product that use batteries, so it is recommended kids from 3 years (36 months) old to use. 

15.)Is the Junior Sonic Toothbrush for adults?

Ans: Yes, it is for adult use.  It is marked as Junior since it can be used from 13 years old and up, including adults.

16.)What battery should be used for sonic toothbrush?  How long does it last?

Ans: One AAA battery.  It lasts for about 3 months if used twice a day.