LUX360  Medium-Soft Bristle Toothbrush for Adult 3-Piece

LUX360 Medium-Soft Bristle Toothbrush for Adult 3-Piece

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Discover the ultimate comfort and effectiveness in your oral care routine with the LUX360 Medium-Soft Bristle Toothbrush for Adults. This set of three toothbrushes is designed to provide you with a refreshing and thorough cleaning experience.

Key Features

  1. Fine Bristles for Gentle Cleaning  With bristle fineness measuring 0.1mm and a brush head diameter of 15.7mm, this toothbrush delivers a comfortable and effective cleaning sensation, leaving you with a pleasant feeling after brushing.

  2. Enhanced Gum Health  The innovative 360-degree bristle brush head not only cleans teeth but also targets the oral cavity wall, reducing bacterial growth and plaque formation. Experience fresher breath and improved gum health.

  3. Gentle Protection  End-rounded bristles safeguard your gum line and delicate oral tissues, preventing tooth abrasion and gum irritation while ensuring effective cleaning.

  4. Versatile Cleaning Benefits  This toothbrush provides all-in-one cleaning, including teeth, tongue, and overall oral hygiene. Experience the benefits of gum massage and effective plaque and tartar removal.

  5. Replace for Optimal Performance  To maintain the highest level of oral care, replace your toothbrush every 3 months or if bristles become frayed or discolored.

LUX360 Medium Soft Bristle Toothbrush for Adult
  • All-in-One Cleaning (teeth/tongue/oral)
  • Removal of bad breath
  • Gum massage
  • Effective in removing plaque and tartar

    The Power of Innovation

    Vivatec LUX360 the world's first 360 degree toothbrush

    Utility Patent
    The cylindrical toothbrush head features patented washer rings, maintaining hygienic spacing between bristle layers. Experience hygiene and convenience in every brush.

    Vivatec LUX360 toothbrush is round-cut bristle

    Round-cut Bristles
    The Vivatec LUX360 toothbrush features round-cut bristle ends, ensuring gentle and effective cleaning while preventing tooth abrasion and gum irritation.

    Vivatec 360 toothbrush with high density bristle

    High Density Bristles
    With over 20,000 highly elastic bristles, this toothbrush effectively removes dental plaque while maintaining its shape and performance.


    Elevate Your Oral Care Routine

    Unleash the potential of your oral care routine with the LUX360 Medium-Soft Bristle Toothbrush. Experience the pleasure of thorough cleaning, improved gum health, and versatile benefits that contribute to your overall oral hygiene.

    LUX360 BPA free tested by SGS and FDA registered with dentists and professional endorsement
    Vivatec lux360 for adult